Quality Concept: Make Quality Improvement and Efficiency Increase the Inexhaustible Power of Enterprise Development

Quality Policy: Technological Refinement

Strict management

Quality contention

Continuous improvement

Quality Goal: 100% pass rate

Customer satisfaction reached 99%.

The target of customer return rate less than 0.15%.

Quality No. 3: Do not accept defective products

Do not make defective products

Do not release defective products

Third Quality Inspection: Self-Inspection

special inspection

On-Site Inspection

Construction of quality management system:

One Center: Focusing on Customers

Two Basic Points: Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement

Two Communication: Internal Communication, Customer Communication

Three types of surveillance and measurement:

System Performance Monitoring and Measurement

Process monitoring and measurement

Product monitoring and measurement

Four quality management processes:

Management Responsibility Process

Resource management process

Product realization process

Measurement, Analysis and Improvement Process

Four basic methods of quality management system: system method of management (system analysis, system engineering, system management)

Process method (PDCA cycle method)

Fact-based decision-making (data statistics)

Method of Quality Management System

Four plans:

Quality Management System Planning

Product Realization Planning

Design and development planning

Improvement planning

Eight Quality Principles:

Focus on customers

leading role

Full participation

Process approach

Systematic approach to management

Continuous improvement

Fact-based decision-making method

Mutually beneficial supplier relationships

Production quality process control:

I. Technological preparation

II. Supplier Audit

3. Inspection of incoming materials

IV. Order Review

5. Production process control:

1. Aluminum rod production;

2. Die inspection;

3. Extrusion production;

4. aging;

5. Pretreatment before spraying;

6. Post-treatment of spraying;

7. Oxidative coloring electrophoresis;

8. fluorocarbon;

9. wear a strip.

10. glue injection;

11. wood grain;

12. Film-pasted packaging;

6. Patrol and Sample Inspection

VII. Warehousing Inspection

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Advanced enterprise
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Excellent suppliers
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